Beginnings of Covid-19 in Poland. Social research /

According to the Market Side report, despite the positive assessment of the government’s actions, almost all respondents expressed a strong expectation that the authorities would support hospitals in the fight against the virus. “Most often we avoid leaving the house (75 percent) and canceling appointments (75 percent)” – writes Maciej Bartmiński, author of the report. “62% of Poles made slightly larger grocery purchases, but only 16% had large stocks. Most often, the stocks were made by young people, very rarely by people aged 65 and over, 20% of employees work from home instead of going to their place of work” – he adds.

The assessment of actions taken by the authorities to fight the coronavirus is positive. “62 percent of respondents assessed the government as” definitely “or” rather good. “Only 16 percent assessed the government as negative, the report states. 75 percent Poles answering the questions claim that the actions taken by the government “are appropriate to the situation”. According to 69 percent. the government provides reliable information on what is happening, and 60 percent. indicated that the authorities’ reaction to the threat was fast.

While the survey was underway, the government made some decisions that the respondents expected. Among them were: “ban on larger meetings (98% in favour), closing cinemas (97%), closing borders (91%), closing restaurants (91%) and restrictions on the operation of shopping malls (86%)” .

However, the expectations of the respondents also included: “support for hospitals, purchase of additional respirators and more tests (98% of respondents)”. Additionally, according to the respondents, the government should use the SMS alert system in communication. According to respondents, employers should be ordered that employees will work remotely (if it is possible). Almost all respondents expected government support for hospitals

Surveys also show that many people would accept the creation of restricted zones with restricted mobility. 80 percent of respondents claim that the Catholic Church should cancel masses completely during the fight against the coronavirus. Almost all people aged 65+ share such opinion. The call of the faithful who are at risk to stay at home on Sunday is welcomed.

The respondents were asked what their proposals were in the fight against the coronavirus. They suggested to launch educational programs on TVP that would broadcast lessons for students until noon. “I am aware that there are no ready-made programs, but one can certainly find teachers from reputable schools who will conduct lessons and broadcast them on TV. Italians broadcast educational programs on 3 channels” – suggests one of the respondents.

The report is based on an internet (CAWI) survey. The questionnaire was 7 minutes long and was conducted on a sample of 500 people. The maximum statistical error is 4.4%. The respondents were Polish residents aged 18-80. The fieldwork was conducted within 48 hours.