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  • On the market since 2006
  • Over 50,000 interviews per year
  • Full range of services:
    • Quantitative studies (P&P, CATI, CAPI, CAWI, carried out “in-home”, central location, exit poll)
    • Qualitative studies (FGI, interviews in pairs, IDI, ethnography)
    • Qualitative audits
  • Our own CATI studio for telephone surveys, access to focus studios in over 20 cities in Poland
  • Experience in leading international projects
  • Our own methodologies and projects – omnibus survey, interactive top network map
  • Reports quoted by influential and branch media
  • Team of interviewers constantly improving their skills - more than 500 interviewers in the whole country
  • Versatility of executed orders – from 2 discussion groups to large quantitative projects

We are the member of ESOMAR and PRCH and in our surveys
we apply to the prescriptions of ESOMAR code.   


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World research methods 2010-09-09

Most popular quantitative research in the world were on-line interviews (22%).

Decline on research market 2010-09-02

46% of global turnover in market research was generated in Europe.

Warsaw districts 2010-08-10

Within the last 5 years serious changes occurred in the population of Warsaw districts.

Baby boom and demographic decline 2010-01-15

According to the forecasts Poland is going to face a sudden demographic decline and aging of the society.

Budgets and equipment of households 2008-10-20

An average Pole consumes monthly foodstuff and drinks worth more than 200 PLN with the greatest share of meat, cold meats, cereal and dairy.

The decrease of population in big cities 2008-10-09

Within the last 5 years (2009 – 2005) the population of 10 biggest cities decreased by 56.364 inhabitants whereas in the whole country it rose by 10.274.

Wine purchasers 2008-10-03

Wine, in terms of sales value, is the tenth product in the shopping basket of an average Polish customer. We have decided to check who buys wine in Poland.

Vivisection of the competitor. What does small Tesco trade with? 2008-10-01

At the end of last year Market Side carried out a survey among the consumers of Tesco supermarkets. The aim of the research was to define the content of the shopping basket in this form of Tesco supermarkets.

What’s going on in Market Side - The University of Georgia Certificates 2008-08-01

The University of Georgia Certificates

What’s going on in Market Side - Participation in Shopping Center Forum 2008 2008-07-04

Participation in  Shopping Center Forum 2008


Phone interviews growth barriers

Phone interview is one of the most frequently used method in market research.

What is ESOMAR?

The mission of ESOMAR is to make it possible to carry out better research.

Is the 1000 sample better than 100?

Are there any regularities we should take into assumption when choosing the size of the probe? 

How to measure that? A few words about data scaling

The most popular one is 5-step, giving school like grades and legible for both respondents and the customers.

Don't be afraid of triads in the survey

We got used to the individual interviews or the interviews performed in pairs (diads) but still the triads are a seldom chosen alternative survey method.

Peculiarity of quantitative surveys

Every company needs information about the market and the consumers in order to make better marketing decisions to reach business targets. This truth does not say what are the best methods to collect it.